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Poetry in nature, 2011

Flora of New Zealand. Photo exhibition in Brunsbuettel, Germany. 1 July to 28 August 2011

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New Zealand coastline, 2010

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Exhibition in Buesum, 26/7/2010 until 29/10/2010

This Exhibition has taken place at the famous tourist town of Buesum, located by the North Sea. What I was showing there were mainly pictures of the New Zealand coastlines and other (water) related fotos. About 120 people attended the opening and I could answer many of questions asked. Also, part of the opening for this show was an introductory 1.5 hrs lecture, where I talked, among other things, about my work and life as a photographer and how it feels to be an applicant for New Zealand residence. I filled in a lot of background information for the participants, talking about life in New Zealand in general, life on a farm in particular and I also gave touristic and economic figures and statistics. I found people in general being very interested in the information I gave about New Zealand, and it was of equal interest to people who had planned a vacation or were planning to go to New Zealand in the future, as well as visitors who had already been to New Zealand.

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