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4th Huntly and districts Art Trail, 2012

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  • Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th March 2012.

Lots of different artists and locations, eg. Deli Cafe in Te Kauwhata: Soenke Dwenger

Grand Opening at Woodlands Function Centre, Gordonton, Guest Country: South Africa.

  • Art Trail organized by Rotary Club of Huntly and Waikato Coalfields Museum.

As time melts by, 2011

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Finalist Environmental Art Photography Challenge 2011 (Project with sculptor Jo Pervan), Arts Post Gallery, Hamilton

As time melts by is constructed of water in the form of ice, which internally secures a flax four plait. An orb shaped window frames the knot at one end on a fibre time line of life. Metaphorically, this knot is the moment, the here and now. What you choose to do with it is yours to decide. Reflections of the surrounding environment can be glimpsed in the glossy surface, and through the translucent mass. Crevices and fractures within the form amplify the many challenges presented to us personally in our individual lives, and holistically for our planet and its many inhabitants.

In all of its ephemeral imperfect beauty, this moment, here and now moves on, without pause, welcome or unwanted. And so it is. This dance of life is ever evolving, slipping, moving, melting. To capture a moment, grasp it fleetingly, only to be lost forever. Stolen. Hold it sacred and cherish the light, as time melts by. Seasons change, new life bursts forth, growing, changing, evolving. The old decay, temporal and fragile. Value Life, your life, and all living things. Keep it safe, treasure it, nurture it or it will melt and be gone.

Off the main road, 2011

Group exhibition with Graeme Hitchcock, Karin Barr, Michelle Judge, Judi Hadfield and Soenke Dwenger

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