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[[Stannard Road bush]]
[[Stannard Road bush]]
[[Gold field]]

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and thank you for showing interest in my work.

I am located in a beautiful valley near Te Kauwhata/Hamilton region, North Waikato. The following pages offer you an insight into my wide range of photography skills, included, but not limited to: virtual tours, business photography, press photography, tourism, documentaries, landscape, portraits and photo coverages.

My workflow is Nikon, RAW, Apple.

For more personal details about me and my life please see my biography.

Kind regards.


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Click on photos to enlarge.

New Zealand photo gallery

Photo dwenger SDD2038.jpg

Magnificant scenery, overwhelming nature, rural life, prosperous cities, NZ business, art, local people - taken on my various trips around the islands. See: New Zealand photo gallery


Around the world

Photo soenke dwenger HDR2.jpg

Hong Kong

City life, landscape, remarkable places and events in the northern and southern hemisphere.


Hong Kong

Normandy 2009: 65th anniversary of D-Day

Sweet home

Under construction. More will follow e.g.





Virtual tours

360° photo navigation: Scroll over moving picture with mouse. Note that the mousepointer turns into a target pointer. Press the left mouse button and the picture will move in the direction that you drag your mouse. Note also, that a navigational arrow is generated and shows the direction of movement.

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Stannard Road bush

Gold field







Exhibition brunsbuettel germany 2009 photo kozalla.JPG

Brunsbuettel, Germany

Over the years, working as a photographer and journalist, I have participated in several exhibitions on a regional and national level, as well as solo exhibitions and projects. Here are some examples of my exhibitions.

Recent projects

New Zealand history:

Wool shed

Old schools



Photo soenke dwengerfoto dwenger SDC1400.jpg

Some of my customers in engineering, farm business, the film industry, culture and education as well as publications are shown here:

Matahuru Farms Ltd

Engineering industry


Deutsche Seite

Photo soenke dwenger 052.JPG

Die deutschsprachige Website von Sönke Dwenger finden Sie unter www.soenke-dwenger.de

Recent topics

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  10. Portraits
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  30. Waitomo caves
  31. Old school 2
  32. Old hay shed
  33. Redwood Forest 2
  34. Rotorua Forest
  35. Links
  36. Redwood forest 1
  37. Hamilton Blues Society
  38. Bush
  39. Auschwitz
  40. Art and artists
  41. Cathedral Cove
  42. Film industry
  43. Meet & greet - and jam
  44. Gold field
  45. Media
  46. Old schools
  47. Galleries
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  49. St. Juergen Blues Band
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